Here at Quite Frankly we’re all about ‘sharing is caring’ when it comes to creativity. That means a lot of the time when we’re not down a rabbit hole of production, we’re nose deep in books, crying in theatres (true story) or bopping along to the latest podcast phenomenon.

To further our (and hopefully your) coffee kitchen chats, we’ve collated a list below of our latest and greatest recommendations. After the Easter break, the series returns with what we’ve been watching!


‘Russian Doll’ on Netflix

“Powerful female characters, greatly timed comedy, entrancing storytelling… When you think you know what is going to happen… guess again. And again. And again.”


‘The Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix

“Based on a comic I used to like and they have done a good job of bringing to the small screen.”


‘After Life’ on Netflix

“Beautifully shot and written, every episode had me laughing and crying, often at the same time (which is a weird sensation).”


‘Green Book’ by Peter Farrelly

“I’ve seen it twice. Enough said.”


‘This Time’ with Alan Partridge

“Nuanced British comedy at its finest. Steve Coogan is the master.”


‘Succession’ by Jesse Armstrong

“Ready to dip my toes into this high recommendation.”


‘Deutschland 83’ by Anna LeVine and Jörg Winger

“Loving it. I used to live in Berlin and it really takes me back to that time.”


‘Barry’ created by Alex Berg and Bill Hader

“Bill Hader floats between a dead-serious hitman with a newly discovered vision to be a dead-serious actor. It’s a mix of giggles with a very thin slice of clemency.”


‘True Detective Season 1’ by Nick Pizzolatto 

“I have never heard dialogue quite so intricate or a character quite so complicated as Rust Cohle. It may seem absurd to some but I personally believe it is the best single season of TV ever created.”