Here at Quite Frankly we’re all about ‘sharing is caring’ when it comes to creativity. That means a lot of the time when we’re not down a rabbit hole of production, we’re nose deep in books, crying in theatres (true story) or bopping along to the latest podcast phenomenon.

To further our (and hopefully your) coffee kitchen chats, we’ve collated a list below of our latest and greatest recommendations. After a bit of a break from the series, we return with the final instalment – the places we’ve been spending our time in the greatest city on earth.


The ‘W6 Garden Centre and Café’ near Ravenscourt Park

“Good coffee, good cake, and lovely people that can help you with your plant needs. Not sure you’ll be able to leave without getting at least one adorable tiny cactus.”


The food at ‘My Neighbours The Dumpling’



My favourite night out in London is and always has been The Comedy Store.

“Friday and Saturday nights have the best stand-ups from around the world – you simply do not get to perform there unless you are brilliant.”


Pop by the ‘Duck Soup’ on Dean Street

“The tiniest place, with delicious food.”


Sofar Sounds is pretty great.

“Sign up to see gigs from artists (who could be anybody: from the unknowns to established names) in venues that are meant to give you the feeling of being in someone’s living room. Plus it’s BYOB.”


Only Human: Martin Parr

“Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.”


Regents Park

“At the risk of sounding incredibly dull, watching Spring whilst running in Regent’s Park is a great pleasure.”


‘Milk Beach’ café in Queen’s Park

“Take care to order the banana bread with espresso cream cheese alongside a very smooth cup of coffee.”