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Here at QF, the vast majority of our shoots are on location – out in the open air, in offices, homes, restaurants, bars, fields, on boats, at live events and in far-flung villages in every corner of the globe. However the requirements for a few of our recent projects have meant it’s been necessary to film in a studio. It’s a very different setting to the one that we’re used to but it’s been very interesting!


The debate between studio and on-location shooting is longstanding and each method has its own set of advantages.  But for many branded content productions, filming in a studio presents a range of benefits that can make it the superior choice.

Firstly, it’s a controlled environment – weather, lights, sound – all controllable. This gives us a level of consistency that’s essential when time and money are of the essence. We used to do a lot of work out of Coca-Cola’s office in Paris. The city’s heliport was literally next door. You can imagine the effect that had when we were recording interviews.


The second advantage is, of course, cost. Although studio hire can be expensive, it’s an absolute known, which is agreed in pre-production. Any additional costs or overtime are established upfront, so there are very little “act of god” costs. Travel, accommodation, permits, location fees – you can generally strike those out of any studio budget.

The third advantage is time management. Normally everything you are going to need is ready and on-site for your shoot day. Studios like Sandstorm, where we’ve worked for years have all the kit in-house, so there’s no waiting around for hire companies to drop off or pick up.


Another thing to consider is the creative flexibility that studios offer. Set designers, wardrobe artists and production designers can create any world they need without the limitations of real world locations – sometimes these creations would simply be impossible outside. And that’s before we’ve talked about virtual production where the sky literally is the limit.

And finally comfort. All shoot days can be long and tiring. It’s nice to be working in a facility with half decent wifi, a good coffee machine and a decent sofa. That can’t always be said of being on-location every day.

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