In this article we're going to be taking a look at live-streaming and is written by our Senior Producer, Stuart Duffy.


In today’s world, instant gratification is prevalent, and social media platforms make it easier for video makers to present content as it happens, in real-time. This desire for content consumption lends itself very well to live streaming.

By its very nature, live streaming offers a unique opportunity to engage audiences whilst creating a sense of community and happening. It encourages people to come together to be entertained or informed by something that is happening right NOW! In fact, we saw a rise in live streaming during the global pandemic – people still wanted to join or be a part of something even if it happened remotely.


Before deciding to go live, it is crucial to establish why you are doing it and what you hope to gain. One of the benefits of live streaming is audience participation. Interactive content helps audiences connect with you on a more personal level, making the experience fresher and more engaging. It also offers a sense of exclusivity and community that viewers crave in today’s world.


Then there’s another consideration at play. Unlike pre-recorded content, there are no retakes or do-overs and your output is instant. Therefore, it is essential to consider the resource you put into the show and whether is it best placed.

One of the biggest concerns for speakers is nervousness about addressing a large audience, particularly on live streams. The fear of not being in control is also prevalent. However, with the right preparation, these fears can be alleviated. For example, playing out different scenarios and working with speakers to understand the live-stream workflow can help them feel more comfortable


In a recent project, we had speakers who were nervous about addressing the masses. Aware of this, we helped them understand the live stream workflow and guided them on what was needed, they felt more confident about delivering their specialised content. The result was fantastic, and feedback from the client revealed that our production preparation played a big part in overcoming this fear.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of your event to any platform of your choosing. Our multiple camera shoots are vision mixed in a broadcast environment.

Despite these challenges, live streaming is an exciting prospect that offers many benefits. After the show is done, the sense of achievement among the team and speakers is invaluable. Additionally, viewers can provide real-time feedback, leading to discussions that inform future content – playing up to that sense of community. Then you have a chance to edit the show down into bitesize content – picking out the key messages.


Looking ahead, video production and live streams still offer an abundance of possibilities. The evolution of technology means that content creators can now reach their audiences from anywhere globally and the possibilities for collaboration are endless.

There’s also something inherently human about being live, audiences understand that you cannot fake being live and get away with it. The rise of accessible editing, image manipulation and A.I. generation encourages audiences to seek the more authentic communicators out there. That’s probably why you find newscasters are often “reporting LIVE from” such and such a place.

We at Quite Frankly are excited about the possibilities, leaning in on technology advancements with the aim to increase production value in our projects.

And we’re out! Thank you for joining us on this journey into the world of live streaming. We hope this brief glimpse has provided you with valuable insight into the effort and creativity required to put on a successful live show, and the countless benefits it can bring.

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